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Presenting to you really interesting stories of paranormal experiences (as well as my own) and creepy gifs.

Shared Experience: Night Time Visitor


I was casually sitting on the couch and I heard a soft laugh coming from the door, like right outside the door.
I ran to the door, opened it and saw no one. There was no one. Night time sometimes sucks because this is the third fucking time that’s happened!
- Anonymous

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What has been the creepiest thing that's ever happened to you?


I remember a time when my little brother got super sick and my parents took him to a curandera, or medicine-woman (yep, we’re Mexican). My parents were told that my brother was cursed by someone or something that didn’t want him in the house (my parents are superstitious). They were ready to believe anything because the medicine his doctor prescribed didn’t do anything to make him feel better. She did a spiritual cleanse to him and offered to make a thorough spiritual cleanse at our house.

The day she came, she sensed negative energy in the household and claimed to see the spirit of a little boy who supposedly died in the house at a very young age. His mother committed suicide and she passed over, but her son did not. She claimed that the boy did not want my brother in the house because he was jealous of him, therefore made him sick of something similar that killed him (it was a virus).

After the cleansing, she told us to keep the house completely sealed: doors and windows locked for nine days, otherwise the spirit will return. We did what she told us and lived the hot summer with barely any ventilation (we have no AC)…

Anyway, I was skeptical about that… I kind of thought she was a fraud and didn’t really say anything to her about it, but she assumed I didn’t believe in her when she came to visit again for an “inspection”. She said “Your daughter doesn’t believe in what I did, but it’s alright. Something happened to her at the time that spirit was in here and she is just in denial.” 

Creepy. Because a month before she did this I remember seeing white mists and such running every which way the house. It was weird, but it got to a point where it didn’t scare me anymore. One time I was sleeping, and I felt something tug at my leg. Other times I felt completely watched wherever I went and that was the first time I’ve ever felt paranoid about it. 

If you ask me, the whole Paranormal Activity movies are a bunch of crap. I experienced this and now barely anything scares me anymore. I have a lot more stories apart from this one that keeps you wondering if what I say is real, or fake. And I will definitely tell you that everything here is word-by-word. I promise you that. 

There’ll be more to tell later, but for now, this is my Paranormal Experience for ya’.

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